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Why is programming important?

“Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer… because it teaches you how to think” – Steve Jobs.

What is the impact of programming on our world?

Its 2014 and we depend on technology in almost everything, communicating, working, studying, and many other tasks. Ever wondered how could you communicate using the Internet, or where is all that information over the Internet coming from. The answer is, there are programmers from around the world building the Internet. They are the ones who developed communication software to help you communicate, and they are the ones building and designing all those websites to provide you with the information you request. If you want to be part of building the Internet and improve the technological life we are living then you definitely need to be a programmer. 

From an individual view, programming teach you how be a better problem solver. Learning to program is all about learning how to take on a large and complicated problem and decompose it into simple steps that can easily be accomplished. You will start thinking differently when you learn how to program because it trains you brain to think about problems in a different way, which can help you be successful in many areas of life. 

Does everyone need to learn programming?

I believe that one day programming will be essential to be taught at the early levels of school. Lets compare it to the past, where studying computer was not required at schools since it was not widely used as today. Now, you can’t graduate high school without knowing how to operate a computer, and most of the jobs offered require you to know the basics of computing.  I expect that in the future, programming will be a requirement when applying for a job and the rapid technological changes will make programming a necessity to be learned by everyone.

How might individual lives and society as a whole be changed if we found a way to include programming and technology at all levels of education?

I expect that programming languages will become more and more human friendly till the point where everyone will be able to learn it. Machines do a lot of the tasks that humans used to do and I think its time for humans to start learning how to communicate with those machines.

The change that is going to happen to us as individuals and as a society will be noticeable when everyone knows the machine language. The systems we work by, the rules, and the life style we are living. The more we create new systems and software the more our life is changed. As an example, our social lives were changed when social networking websites began to go online. Imagine what would happen when we all knew how to program and a new life changing system or software is released. Trust me, we are going to change a lot.

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