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House of Cards Season 2 review

This is a short review of the House of Cards season two. Beware SPOILERS ahead.

Well, I would like to congratulate Frank Underwood, or should I say President Francis J. Underwood for becoming the 46th president of the United States. It was expectable to me since I heard that the series had been renewed for a 3rd season. Figuring that out was not a big deal, I was interested more in knowing the strategy that he is going to deploy in order to conquer the oval office. In the first season, the previous president who did not honor their agreement by not appointing him as the secretary of state betrayed Francis. Of course, Francis started putting the plan all together – what he really perfects at – to gain power and ranks up and if plan A fails, then not B and if b, then definitely not C. In season two, Frances is the vice president and is still moving on with his strategy, making new allies and enemies.

 The showdown between Underwood and Tusk was the main story in season two; Power against money. Underwood – using power – is trying to force all key players in the game to his side while Tusk is trying to buy them. I really enjoyed how the story progressed, how both sides gained and lost in the battlefield. It looked as if there is a balance between power and money and not just one ruling the other. Well, Underwood won the war in the end but it cost him a lot.

The second main story is Ms. Underwood and her effort in supporting a bill to reform the military’s prosecution of sexual assault. I really didn’t pay attention to this part of the season – Skip Please….

Doug Stamper wrestling with his daemons. Doug is one of my favorite characters of this show and the side story of him showing some warmth inside his cold heart is one that kept me following. The good news is that Stamper did what he always does; accomplish Frank’s dirty tasks and he accomplished them well (Good Job, Frank will never regret the third chance he gave you). The very final scene of the season is one that shocked me a lot. I didn’t expect this ending for Stamper. And most importantly, Rachel is freely out there. Frank better start searching for her.

The press, a major factor in the politics world and a very dangerous one. Journalists hunted Frank and Claire all day long because they wanted to look at their deep hidden secrets, especially Claire’s secrets, Frank is still of the hook (Thanks to Stamper).  They are always trying to catch the big fish, it’s the easy way to money and fame but sometimes it leads to their bad finale. Zoey barns is a great example, Lucas is another great one. Frank and Stamper did a real good job erasing them from their lives. There are innocent victims also, look what happened to Freddy because of the press (No more delicious ribs for you Frank).

Overall, this was a great season from Netflix. I can’t wait for the third season. I believe it’s going to be the fall of President Underwood. Lets find out if he is capable of keeping the presidential desk under his hands.



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